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Here’s what you can expect from our time together:

  • Deep soul work that helps you AWAKEN and remember WHO YOU ARE (and realize who you’re not)

  • Transmutation of lower frequency vibrations (shadow work) thru RADICAL ACCEPTANCE

  • Turning your pain into your greatest source of power (and success)

  • Clarity of WHY you’re here and WHAT you’re meant to do (your mission)

  • ACTIVATING your medicine, tapping into your highest gifts, and sharing them with the world

  • ALIGNMENT with your purpose and stepping FULLY into it

  • Manifestation of new opportunities and a life that matches your new frequency (happiness, love, joy)

  • Dissolution of blocks around GIVING and RECEIVING to open your channel for creativity and abundance


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What Others Have to Say About Working With Adam


“Working with Adam was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life.”

It wasn’t exactly a decision, but more-so a divinely guided invitation. His magic was working before we even started!

Adam is really a healer of the energetic body, the heart, the soul. He has a subtle yet powerful way of sharing space that invites safety, compassion, and belonging. I came to him carrying a bag of dark weight and confusion. Three months later I have felt truly myself for first time since I was a child. I trust, laugh, and have a new beautiful baseline from which I walk through life with that continuously create ripples not only for me but in others around me.

I would highly recommend working with Adam because he will walk right along side you with the highest belief in you, making a space in your heart for you to believe in you too!

- Shanna Sonnier

“It’s hard to put into words the effect that working with Adam has had on me and my life.”

Adam has this gift. He doesn’t just “coach” you.  He listens, he cares, he encourages you, and believes in you. He has the ability to shine a light on what’s holding you back and then lovingly support and challenge you to blast forward. I knew immediately that I wanted to work with Adam as soon as we spoke and it’s one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made.  

It feels incredibly surreal to look back to when we started and to barely be able to recognize myself.  I came to Adam so ready. Ready for a change. Ready to “take care of all of my shit” and step into the next era of my life as a conscious business owner. Of course though, along the way, everything else changed too. My relationships, my confidence, my communication, my social circle...  11/11 would highly recommend.

- Nikky Lindsley



“After only one conversation with Adam, my mission was crystal clear to me.”

This one sentence alone should be enough to convince people of the power of his presence in life. However, I shall elaborate a little more...   

Adam is an expert in pulling us straight into the silent whisper of wisdom that our hearts are always gifting us. An expert in energy management and empowerment, he is tapped-in, tuned-in and fully alive. His intuition is ridiculously potent, and he has no fear in unleashing the insights and visions provided to him for your greater good - whether that be gentle and pleasant for your ego, or painful and pressing. He delivers what you need for you to be the best version of yourself - for your own good, and for the good of the wider world...   

Our biggest medicine in this world is our deepest talent and purpose. Adam's medicine is to help you uncover yours.

- Marc-John Brown

“Adam is INCREDIBLE! I’ve enjoyed working with him entirely. He is always SO loving and SO supportive.”

Let it be known that you won’t be the same after working with Adam. He will not let you stay stagnant. He will push you to grow, to evolve, and to reach up and grab your dreams to make them into reality. 

Adams heart is so BIG. He actually cares...about you, about your heart, about your happiness, your purpose, and your healing. 

He is a force to be reckoned with and I’ve had so much fun working with him. It has truly been such an incredible gift to myself.

- Steph Abrams

steph .jpg


“A Thousand Yes’s In A Row.....”

Thank you Adam Rubin for your guidance and unwavering support over the last 6 months. What a difference you have made in my life.

From experiencing your beautiful Awaken Workshop earlier this year, to working with you 1/1 coaching. You have opened my eyes to the possibilities of life and what lay before me. To help me let go of my limiting and outdated beliefs from the past, to understand the shadows of my mind. To stepping into my power and creating the life I want. To be creative and think outside the square. To go after my dreams, to believe in myself and all that I have to offer in this lifetime.

Adam choosing you as my mentor has been a game changer, heart starter and soul experience. Thank you my friend.

- Kath Howard

“It's one thing to have a coach that is spiritual, kind, nonjudgmental, insightful and smart. And believe me, Adam is all of those things.”

But to work with someone who is also organized, methodical and can assist you with practical applications that actually move you in the direction of your desired outcomes. Now you've got something. Adam has helped me so much with my goals.  

If you are interested in working with someone who can assist you in taking your skills to the next level. Adam is very skilled at quickly assessing your situation and can help you recognize what steps you can take to level up to you best self. So grateful to be working with Adam Rubin.

- Theresa Maher



“Adam is one of a kind! He has a unique way of making you feel so comfortable & beautifully held, that you can literally open up about anything.”

Most of our calls felt like we were just 2 old friends chatting, laughing & brainstorming on how to execute my ideas & take action on them. During our time together, there were so many epic conversations that at first were just strange ideas to me, & he helped to make sense of them.

Adam supported me through some big shifts in my life & always gently pushed me to do more than I thought I was capable of.

He's a very heart centered coach who genuinely wants you to express your gifts & share them with the world!

- Kim Demasi

“Adam my heart flows over and I appreciate you so much.”

These last three months have been a journey of realising my truth. Becoming really honest with myself and what experiences I want to create. Along the way I have sat with a coach who has held space with me and invited me to experience a vibration of love and nothing less than what is available for me.

We have sat in shadows and finally felt at ease there and brought pure alchemy to that space. For years I thought I wanted one thing and as I sat in this space of becoming an alchemist of my life and learning true self mastery, I realised what I really felt called forward to be. My ego seemed to fade and my soul lead the way. All the work I thought I’d done was taken to deeper truths. The medicine created came forward to the signs to guide me forwards. My Shamanic calling was shown to me and I have been allowing time and space to transcend as I am guided by my coach and now to my friend. This dance. This medicine. This way of being was only possible through sharing space and being coached by an incredible soul.

When I think of Adam I think of a Shamanic Alchemist, a true co creator and someone who knows how to invite all of his clients into that space of their highest potential. If you ever have the chance to join his coaching program, it will truly change your life. He is just pure love and invites you to be in that vibration where amazing things manifest and come to life. I truly believe everyone should invest in themselves. Invest in self discovery and creating a better life.

- Joslyn Marie



“I am incredibly happy with my coaching from Adam.”

He helped me gain clarity on my purpose and what is was I really wanted to create and do, coming from the deepest and most authentic part of myself.

As someone who thinks a lot his guidance was critical in helping me move from my head into my heart and then formulate that into a tangible offer I could create and  market to the world.

He was incredibly supportive at every stage, goes above and beyond, is without doubt effective and I am very pleased with the coaching package and journey I received.

Further having spent time with Adam as both his client and as a volunteer with the personal development for African School Kids Program he ran I can attest he is a trustworthy, committed and genuine man who will place you first because he teaches you how to listen to you first.

- Gid Diamond

“Adam was the start, the beginning but my journey with him has not yet ended; it has only just unfolded!”

I required assistance, guidance; a place to start. For many years I have felt and followed a deep connection and passion to earth and to all of life. This has always been an awareness I have had in all that I do – career and otherwise. Yet, I was stuck. I wasn’t sure how to move forward, how to move deeper, how to fully bring my awareness, myself and my soul in to true purpose and action. Adam did.

There are not many people like Adam. People who can expand, stretch, transform and trust so effortlessly in who you are and all you are going to be. There are not many people who know the importance of ceremony, indigenous healing and gratitude in modern day living and how this not only affects a person but affects business too.  This is Adam’s soul purpose. This is Adam’s medicine that he so openly, lovingly, safely and honestly feeds you, nurtures you and encourages you with, every step of the way. 

You are never alone. You are never left feeling disappointed, lost, unclear, unmotivated or forgotten. Adam has an uncanny knowing of when he needs to be there at the exact right moment, with the exact right upgrade, transformation, task, exercise or words that are required for you to move to the next level. He knows when you are ready and what is needed from him. 

He admires you when you grow, loves you when you shine, supports you when fears return and advises you when lessons come your way, especially when you don’t see them or don’t know how to burn them in the fire that will allow for further growth and expansion. 

Having Adam as a coach and mentor to now also be a friend and inspiration fills me with such gratitude and trust. I was ready to be sent Adam my way and the universe sent me the best.  There are words, exercises and teachings gifted to me by Adam that I continue to apply daily. Even on those days that are filled with doubt, uncertainty and fear all it requires is a quick reminder of Adam’s voice instructing me, “All will be well.” I have such trust in Adam and he, equally in you, that I know all will be. I chuckle to myself as I am reminded of one of Adam’s first teachings – how hilarious our fears are and can be and the ease at which Adam can extinguish these for you. 

This is the start of a new beginning. It was always there but Adam has the medicine to bring out, extract and call forth the medicine that is in you. Like a locked and sealed drug cabinet Adam guides you, supports you, celebrates with you so that you, too, can smash open what has been locked away so deep inside of you all along; the true you, the authentic you, your soul’s purpose. Your medicine is needed. It is time to break open the safety cap, learn to laugh at your fears and transform in to your perfect self through Adam’s support, guidance, assistance and knowing that “all is well.”

- Isla Fishburn



I’ve been coached by some pretty great coaches before, and this is just different. Thanks Adam!

— Debbie


I felt drawn to work with Adam because his Facebook post messages always speak so deeply to the truth of my heart. He provides a safe and loving space for me to show up fully with an open heart and supporting me with intuitive guidance and love. I have received powerful messages, fresh perspectives,  clarity and connection with my purpose, hearts desires, connection to my inner child, ancestral healing, self-love, radical acceptance and unity with the magic and miracles in the world around me. And I am excited to see how my journey unfolds.

Mary Giang


“It’s hard to find words powerful enough to describe my coaching sessions with Adam. I’ve been stretched in the most loving way. I love how he works so intuitively, always trusting, and he has such a gracious way of holding a space.

My breakthroughs have been releasing the need to always strive and accomplish, and replacing that with a desire to be and to feel. Realising that there is no place for me to arrive at, that all I have is the journey and that it’s made up of all the little moments in my day. Knowing that I can do anything, but I don’t have to do anything. And perhaps most importantly, feeling the beautiful flow that is created when I tune in to and communicate with my soul.

All of my relationships have improved, I’ve let go of several projects that weren’t fulfilling me, I’m prioritising activities that feel good, and I’m finding more and more clarity around the impact I’m here to make. My overwhelm has disappeared. I’m feeling more balanced than I have in quite some time. Even my family have noticed the change in me.

I haven’t even finished yet. I’m so looking forward to the rest of this coaching journey. I feel like the really fun bit lies ahead. I’m so grateful that I gifted myself with this experience, and that Adam has exceeded all of my expectations.

Debbie Kemp

"I reached out to Adam because I was at a point of overwhelm with launching my new business. I had so many different ideas, but no idea where to start. 

Adam immediately picked up an emotional block that I had been holding onto so we worked through this together and I was then able to create space for more clarity to come through in my life.

We then worked together on business strategy and I found Adam to be a wealth of knowledge and very efficient with getting through a lot of plans in a small amount of time. I now feel really focused and excited about what the future holds for my business and I am very grateful for all of Adams wonderful wisdom, help and nurturing through this process."

Darrielle Maree Harris