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AWAKEN is a two day ceremony to rediscover the truth of who you are, so you can start living and leading from the heart.


What you will receive from the space:

- Bring awareness to what’s holding us back

- Release the old identity/stories that no longer serve us

- Shift from lower frequencies (Guilt/Shame/Anger) into Courage

- Reawaken the parts of yourself that you may have forgotten

- Explore gifts that you haven’t yet revealed

- Express love and joy thru your being

The experience is guided by:

  • Sacred Plant Teachers (Hape and Cacao)

  • Guided Meditation and Visualizations

  • Breathwork 

  • Sound Healing 

  • Music and Voice Activation 

  • Creative and Artistic Expression


What participants have to say about AWAKEN


Wow. It’s really hard to put into words how this experience affected me.

“It was like this space where it was so easy to drop into my true self.  Expressing myself from the heart without any like.. self judgment of how I would be received.  

This space of sharing openly and authentically was so refreshing and to also receive feedback afterwards that my authenticity allowed others to feel safe in expressing themselves authentically as well.  Having just come from a week of deep immersion in native shamanic training, this ceremony was a beautiful integration to step into and apply what I’d learned and gained from that week.  I really got the opportunity to see how deeply it affects others to show up as my authentic self and to step more fully into my gifts.  To own those gifts.   

It was so beautiful to think back to when these types of gatherings would have been more challenging to show up and speak up vs how it was this weekend.  Such an honor to hold space in that way and to also share that it wasn’t so long ago that I was so much more hesitant to show up authentically.””

— Nikky

AWAKEN is basically indescribable, because it must be experienced. Such as life.

“AWAKEN is a space that nurtures and honors your natural gifts and beauty. It pulls you into the experience of what life can be like when we allow ourselves to vulnerable, ourselves, and heard. It is purely love doused in magic. It’s a place where you meet your soul and it’s family.

AWAKEN is medicine for your heart, and a remembrance of the importance of bringing ancient wisdoms in harmony with our now human experience. Awaken was an experience of wonder and home for me. I believe in that for everyone who may attend; for sure a start to a very beautiful journey.”

— Shanna

AWAKEN is a circle of pure love and safety.

“It is a space for honesty and self-exploration, and a union of our differences for the activation of our truest selves.

I feel a deeper, more confident, and palpable love for myself and for all those who I interact with. I more readily recognize myself within everyone that I see. This inspires a truer, more genuine, and peaceful interaction with All.

I am more inspired to give the love to myself that I need, and to cultivate the presence that is necessary in order to show up in loving service to All.

I came into this experience with an already renewed understanding of my source of bliss. This ceremony deeply affirmed the truth that I had realized. It served to amplify this realization, and it gave me a space to take my practice of presence and love to a whole new level.”

— Tyler


So life changing!

“I’m almost in tears in Gratitude for connecting with you in the Gold Coast Adam. You truly have reminded me how easy it is to come back to myself & to not judge myself. As I continuously step into my power, I always come back to the foundations of what I’ve been taught and well and truly I’m so glad we spent the time together that weekend.”

— Ela

Can I just say to you your workshop was the most powerful, intense, freeing, amazing healing space.

“I want to thank you for helping me work through every belief that was holding me back. You are a beautiful soul Adam and your work helping people heal is an incredible gift. I appreciate everything you have done for me. Thank you”

— Kath

This workshop was a collective creation of love and kindness.

“It was a chance for us to get back to our true selves. A chance to remember who we really are and what we stand for. A chance to reflect, move and start to embody a new perspective. To choose love over fear.

The meditations Adam took us through helped deepen our understanding of where we try and run away from our intuition sometimes. It helped me be truly present in my mind, body and spirit. It helped me tap into my channel and remind me that I am on the right path.

The breath work was so powerful as was the movement we did on the last day. We danced, sang, cried, listened, spoke, laughed, hugged and felt so supported. I also felt a deeper connection to what my mission is. My Why.”

— Jodie

After the weekend spent in AWAKEN ceremony, I have experienced incredible shifts in my vibration.

“I feel the consistent flow of unconditional love pouring from my heart and radiating throughout my entire being.

I want to also acknowledge the ancestors who came before us and to the all the spirits with us now and to the divine medicine of Mother Nature that heal my mind, body and soul when we connect. Adam, you have the wise, compassionate and nurturing energy of ancient ancestors who divinely guide us.

I feel the abundance flowing through my body and I trust it. I see only with soft and loving eyes and it is clear to me what my purpose is and how I choose to express that, is completely up to me!”

— Lauren