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I don’t believe in defining ourselves by what we do. Our jobs and titles tell very little of who we truly are...

And I’ve never liked the word coach.

So what am I, if I had to define it?

I’m a guide.

I’m a lightworker.

I’m a shaman.

I’m an alchemist.

I’m an activator.

I help people find clarity on their purpose and balance in their lives, by guiding them back to their hearts.

I show people how to balance the power of their minds with the strength of their hearts.

My souls purpose is to help others awaken their light and activate their medicine, and remember that we born as and always will be only love.

My superpower is my intuition, and my gift is sight.

My capacity to feel everything and my ability to see what others can’t see for themselves is what allows me to help people create results in their lives and impact in the world.

My core values are compassion, connection and love.

My spirit animal is the Eagle, which teaches me patience and strength.

I’m guided deeply by plant medicine, which opens my eyes to deeper visions and opens my heart further to unconditional love.

I am guided by Spirit in everything that I do, anywhere that I am.

I trust that every moment of my life is unfolding perfectly for me, in divine order, for the benefit of my higher self.

I am a reflection of you.

Your beauty.

Your strength.

Your imperfection.

Your challenges.

Your power.

Your divinity.

Your shadow, and your light.

And I’m here to invite you forward to awaken and to shine.